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CASATO 微電彈力纖維注導膜 (銀膜)

  • Brand: LIROSA
  • Product Code: LRS-12100802
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^Edit notes:

This micro-electric elastic fiber mask, also known as silver iontophoresis mask (silver mask), is an ultra-thin silver fiber-introduced mask. 

* Efficacy: It has the functions of small face lifting and intelligent cream introduction, which can make the facial absorption rate up to 90%. Suitable for any smear mask.

                 **It is recommended to use with LIROSA Natural Gel Cream to deeply moisturize and quickly lead directly to the bottom of the skin**

* Skin type: Suitable for all skin types (If the skin is in an allergic period or any damage, it must be suspended)

* Please note: The efficacy of this product varies from person to person.

* Instructions for use:

- For the first use, use a small amount of toothpaste to make foam in your hand, scrub the micro-electric elastic fiber injection film (silver film), and then rinse it -with water.
- Repeat the above actions in about 1-2 weeks to clean the micro-electric elastic fiber injection guide film (silver film)
- Before each use, wet the silver film with clean water, squeeze the water to dryness, and apply it to the face with the smear mask/cream.
- Wash with clean water after each use, then hang to dry
- If you find small black spots on the silver film after cleaning, it is because there are acne on the corresponding part, or acne will appear, the silver film has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and sterilizing effects, don't worry about it.
- Each silver film needs to be replaced after 80-90 times of use, or the replacement cycle is three months, otherwise it will lose its efficacy.

Place of Origin: China
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