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D-Green Massage Pack

  • Brand: LIROSA
  • Product Code: Classic
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^Edit notes:

D-Green Massage Pack uses the distillation and extraction of dozens of natural green Kampo plants. The concentration is high and it has strong anti-oxidation, detoxification and purification effects. Using the self-heating temperature effect and massage, it can effectively mobilize blood circulation in the face and neck, deeply clean the pores, discharge old waste toxins, excess water and active acid, and achieve the effect of instantly whitening and ruddy, and lifting the face.

*Moisturizing, detoxifying, antioxidant ingredients (including glycerin, bitter gourd, hops, Mexican tomatoes, red algae)

*Anti-acidification, whitening, anti-allergic ingredients (including green tea, arnica, lychee fruit, celery, perilla leaves)

*Sedation, oil control, repair ingredients (including lemon peel oil, peppermint leaf oil, Italian pine oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil)

Efficacy: Detoxification and purification, improving oclosed mouth acne lifting contour, firming and thinning face, hydrating and whitening, cell regeneration to increase skin elasticity, anti-glycation and dark yellow

* Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

* Please note: The efficacy of this product varies from person to person.

* Instructions for use:

-Scraping board: After cleansing, take 1.5 cherries-sized D-Green Massage Pack, stir evenly on the palm of the hand, and evenly apply on both sides of the face and neck. After 5 minutes, take the nose as the center, use the scraper to the base of the ears, from both sides of the neck to the clavicle for 5-8 minutes. Note: Don't use too much force. After cleaning, you can skin care.

-Finger massage: If you can't grasp the strength of scraping, you can apply it for 5-10 minutes and then gently massage it with your fingers and palm.  After massaging the face, press the acupuncture points behind the ears, the sides of the neck, and the depressions along the way.

-Facial application: Take 2 cherries-sized D-Green Massage Pack, stir evenly on the palm of your hand, and evenly apply on both sides of the face and neck. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.

Net content: 320G

Place of Origin: Japan

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